Friday, June 15, 2012

Scraping gold from pins with reverse electroplating process through water

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Gold scrap from pc

This site is based for recycling scrap from pc for collecting gold. Here are some most interesting places inside computer from which you can find gold.

A memory slot contains gold plated pins inside so it is good for you to remove them and cut off those pins from inside connectors. Also while scrapping your pc don’t forget to cut off pins from memory module (memory pcb) because they are gold plated.
Like memory slots all PCI, PCIeX and other slots on the motherboard have gold plated pins inside. You need to collect those pins, like you did with memory and also if you have cards inside connectors make sure to cut off their pins from bottom.


How Gold Is Recycled

Step One
The first step in the gold recycling process is sorting. This is important to determine exactly what percentage of the material contains valuable metals. Scrap containing gold is placed on a scale. The exact weight of the material is recorded. Next, components are disassembled and sorted based on their type. A detailed record is kept of what materials are present. Any valuable pieces are recorded. Because many recycled items also contain hazardous materials, these are also sorted. Environmentally harmful substances such as mercury are isolated and sent away for proper disposal. Once all valuable components have been sorted and weighed, they are ready for smelting.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Reverse electroplating process for gold recovery

Collect all gold plated pins that you want to remove gold from. These pins can be found on the motherboard, cell phones and this kind of electronic devices. With this method you can also remove gold from plated jewelry.

Before you start the recycling process make sure that there is not so much other materials which does not contains gold at all. If you want to dissolve gold from pins make sure that you remove parts from these pins which are not gold plated. Also if there are CPU’s with gold on them make sure to remove ceramic parts or other materials for better efficiency in reverse electroplating process.

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Recycling gold from ceramic CPU

If you want to recycle electronic waste it is always good to take a special note to CPU’s inside these parts. CPU contain more gold inside per his weight than all other electronic components.

It is highly profitable business so we decided to introduce you to this gold recycling process.
Old ceramic CPU’s contain gold plated pins on them and you can easily see that gold on them. Scraping gold from pins is not so hard process, just take them off and plunge into Aqua regia. Gold from pins should dissolve in some short time without your interaction with process of dissolving gold...

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A method for dissolving gold from metal scrap using Aqua regia

Dissolving gold from metal scrap or electronic waste which you can find inside personal computers is performed by using hazardous chemicals known as Aqua regia.

These chemicals are dangerous for human health and serious threat for the environment so you must be very careful in the process of dissolving gold using them.
As we spoke earlier gold is noble metal which means that gold has resistance on corrosion and oxidation unlike other base metals. Because of that for dissolving gold we must use highly corrosive media. Aqua regia is most common reagent for dissolving gold from other gold plated materials or even from gold-bearing ores. Aqua regia is mixture of three parts of concentrated hydrochloric acid (HCl) with one part of concentrated nitric acid (HNO3)...

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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Gold in PC

All personal computers have golden parts inside. That is a good reason for recycling computer parts and scraping gold from them. Gold comes in small amounts inside these parts but you must keep in mind one true fact, gold is very expensive material and it is worth to go for it.

When you start look for gold in PC take a special care for a motherboard recycling. Motherboard is main component of PC where all other cards can be connected. For that reason motherboard is filled with gold which means there is trully gold in PC present. When we say filled it does not means that you can find a whole ounce of gold in PC or one motherboard, but if you compare some other PC parts motherboard is a rich of gold. Next good place for finding gold in PC is CPU chip. CPU’s are made of all kind materials but those pins on the bottom side of CPUs are made of golden layers. Because there are lots of pins on the CPU’s you can conclude that there is a good weight of gold on them and gold in PC in generall...

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