Sunday, June 3, 2012

Gold in PC

All personal computers have golden parts inside. That is a good reason for recycling computer parts and scraping gold from them. Gold comes in small amounts inside these parts but you must keep in mind one true fact, gold is very expensive material and it is worth to go for it.

When you start look for gold in PC take a special care for a motherboard recycling. Motherboard is main component of PC where all other cards can be connected. For that reason motherboard is filled with gold which means there is trully gold in PC present. When we say filled it does not means that you can find a whole ounce of gold in PC or one motherboard, but if you compare some other PC parts motherboard is a rich of gold. Next good place for finding gold in PC is CPU chip. CPU’s are made of all kind materials but those pins on the bottom side of CPUs are made of golden layers. Because there are lots of pins on the CPU’s you can conclude that there is a good weight of gold on them and gold in PC in generall...

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